There are a few different ways to connect camera straps to a camera.  My system doesn’t work for every camera, and chances are you might need one or two more pieces to make it work for you.  

If you've purchased a V2 camera strap or Wristee from me, then you've received a split o-ring with a NITE-IZE S-Biner MicroLock attached to it.  These Carabiners hold 6lbs each and have a feature that allows you to lock the gates for added safety. Please lock the gates bruh!
The S-Biner works with most cameras that have lugs with split rings.  If your camera does not have the split rings, you might need to purchase one or two in order to connect the S-Biner.  The other option is to use a thin piece of rope to create a loop or “bite” that will allow you to connect the S-Biner.  I sell two types of  “BITES” in different colors in my ADD-ONS section, but you can easily make one yourself using #95 Paracord, Micro Cord or Nano Cord.  I've listed 3 types of cord because the outer diameter of the hole in your lugs might require a specific thickness of rope.  In my experience, most SLR Lugs are big enough for #95 Paracord and Microcord, but many Point & Shoot cameras will only allow for Nano Cord.

Examples of Bites and Totem Bites below. 
If your SLR or DSLR has webbing style lugs, you can still use a bite but you may also like the OP/TECH ADAPT IT system (See Below).

If you are confused and need help, never hesitate to DM me @tone.customs